Shredzilla is not a wait while we shred service. Your shredding is stored in a secure facility until shredded.

About Identity Theft

Identity theft is when a criminal uses another person’s personal information to take on that person’s identity. Identity theft is much more than the misuse of a Social Security number, it can entail credit card and mail fraud as well.
One bit of personal information is all a criminal needs to steal your identity. Once identity thieves get your personal information, they may:

  • Call your credit card company and change your billing address
  • Open new credit cards under your name.
  • Establish wireless phone service in your name.
  • Open a bank account in your name and write bad checks.
  • File for bankruptcy under your name.
  • Buy a car in your name.
  • Get identification such as driver’s license with their picture and your name.
  • And the list goes on…

Why risk it? Shred your personal and confidential documents. Shredzilla offers shredding services that are secure, easy and convenient.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council, identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in America.

About our Services

The service is simple. Once you have collected the material to be destroyed, simply drop it off or call. We will provide you with secure document destruction. We then recycle the material and offer you a certificate of destruction.

Shredzilla can be used for small or large jobs, one time, or on an ongoing basis. We are the most flexible shredding service available.


Store Location: 2650 Mormon Trek Blvd. | Iowa City, IA 52240

Why choose Shredzilla?

  • EASY: No need to remove staples, paper clips or file folders
  • SECURE: Everything is cross-cut shredded to Level 3 Security
  • CONVENIENT: Secure drop off Service
  • We accept small to large jobs
  • One time or regularly scheduled services are available
  • GREEN: All shredded material is recycled
  • We provide a Certificate of Destruction

Pricing by the Box

$13 per box

Standard Paper Case

(12″ tall X 18″ wide X 12″ deep)

*$13 Minimum

Pricing by the Pound

$0.50 per lb.

*$13 Minimum


  1. Where do I go for my shredding? 2650 Mormon Trek Blvd, Iowa City the home of PIP Marketing|Signs|Print. Drive to the back of the building, enter the door by the garage doors and ring the bell for service.
  2. Can I wait and watch? No. You can drop your shredding off and we will store it in our secured alarmed area. It will be shredded on site usually within 3-4 business days.
  3. Can I bring in boxes or plastic bags? Yes! Either work fine.
  4. What size are the small shredded pieces? They are not strip cut like on an office shredder. They are cut into pieces approximately .25″ X 2 “. This type of shredding is called level 3 security and is appropriate for even bank and medical records!
  5. What if I want my containers back? Tell us and we will call you after the shredding is complete to let you know your containers are ready to pick up.
  6. What happens to the shredded material? It is recycled through a local company.
  7. Can you pick up my shredding? Yes! For local pickup in Iowa City, Coralville, or North Liberty the charges are: 1-5 paper cases – $20 plus shredding cost, 6-10 paper cases – $40 plus shredding cost, 11-15 cases – $60 plus shredding cost, 16+ paper cases – Please call 319-337-6431 for a custom quote.
  8. What if I need you to pick up outside of Iowa City, Coralville, or North Liberty? Please call 319-337-6431 for a custom quote.

Contact Us

319-337-6431  |  |  2650 Mormon Trek Blvd, Iowa City